The World’s Largest Unsupported Steel Dome & A Cinema Treasure

Cricket Arena

When the then Charlotte Colesium opened in 1955, it was the largest, unsupported steel dome in the world.   At  just over 9,000 seats, it is eclipsed  by today’s  modern arenas.   Today, the Colesium has been renamed to the Cricket arena (although there is talk that the Victory Junction Gang Camp may have purchased the naming rights) and is the home of indoor  NASCAR-style racing.  

Park Terrace 6 Theatre

The neighborhoods in South Charlotte are some of the most charming in the entire region.   The streets are lined with tall, old growth trees, the homes range in style  from Georgian to Craftsman and even a few Mediteranian.    On a  Fall  Sunday, a  drive down Colony, Providence or  Selwyn is a great way to admire the leaves and escape for a few hours.   Among the many  treasures this area holds is the Park Road  Shopping Center, which was Charlotte’s first big shopping  center.   In  the Park Road Shopping Center today,  you’ll find the old mixed with the new, yet one of the greatest treasures  is the Park Terrace 6.  

Instead of heading for the 20 screen  superplex, plan a date to catch a flick in this  wonderfully dated theatre.    Opened in 1964, the  theatre was revolutionary with its  rocking chair seating and large, glass enclosed  lobby.   They  just don’t design buildings with this kind of  character.   Today,  the threatre’s lobby is as it stood way back then, but the  theatres have  been modernized (yes, the movies are shown in color).  

So the next time you want dinner  and a movie, grab a slice at Fuel Pizza or wings from  Quaker Steak and then walk over to the Park Terrace Cinema 6.   I’ll see you there.  

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